New Korfball World Championships 2015 Website & Game – KBKB


The KBKB (Royal Belgian Korfball Federation) and students of the Karel de Grote-Highschool (KdG) today launched as result of a unique collaboration project. About 40 KdG-students presented on June 11 their project results to a jury that consisted of mentors of the KdG and a representation of the KBKB. Sam Schuddinck, Félix Rijkers, Mike Van den Heuvel and Yannis Tack, forming the BePro team, made most impression with their interactive website and integrated computer game.

The 3D korfball game uses the Unity browser plug-in (working in Firefox at least), and, while basic, it presents a playable game which is uniquely korfball and certainly worth a look.

Visit the website here:

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