Brno defeats Budejovice to gain historic first Czech indoor title

KK Brno vs KCC Sokol Ceske Budějovice 16:13 (11:5)


In the final match of the Czech Korfball League, two teams, who since 2007 encounter each other on a regular base since 2007, clashed. Brno greatly longing for its first-ever championship title, and Ceske Budejovice aiming to level VKC Kolin with most indoor titles gained in Czech korfball history.

The start of the match was very cautious and anxious for both teams, moreover the hall in Brno filled with numerous fans from both cities. The Brno team knew very well which players of the team from Ceske Budejovice were most risky and guarded both Budweiser scorers Bláha and Krejci very carefully. In addition, the Brno team focussed mainly on their well-known female scoring players supported in a static rebound position by former SCO and DSC player Roman Věžník. The first interplay of ideas stacked in execution and the ball ended more frequently out of court than touched the rim. Yet it was the Brno who created a first serious gab after 15 minutes, and took a 7:3 lead. Brno managed to raise the score by half time to 11:5 while two missed penalty shots could even widen the gap. And yet no one in the audience could predict that this was not the end of the penalty misery from Brno.

The start of the second half was somewhat more successful for the Brno team, still controlling most part of the game. The spectators were fantastic but unfortunately they were not witnessing the most faultless game, rather it was a tense struggle full of inaccuracies and lots of competitive battles. One of the duels unfortunately led to injury of the most scoring player of the season for Brno, Eliska Jonáková. She was replaced by Martina Weissová. From this moment Brno definitely not depressed and they created even more good chances, unfortunately they were careless with their completion. They added something truly unprecedented in a korfball final – 4 more unconverted penalties for the Brno team. Nevertheless Brno still maintained a comfortable 5 point lead.

Finally, after the seventh penalty from the hands of Roman Věžník found its way through the korf, it was clear to the spectators that Brno was on the brink of gaining their first ever title. The last minutes were in hands of the Budejovice team, managing to correct the score to a 3-goal gab, but for any additional strain they were out of time. With a final score of 16:13, KK Brno gained their first ever title in their 24-year-history.

Best scorer of the match was Štěpánka Jonáková of KK Brno with 4 scores and a the two Budejovice players Vlastimil Krejci and Petr Pesak with both 3 scores.

Final standings Czech Extra League korfball in 2014-2015:

1 KK Brno
2 KCC Sokol Ceske Budejovice
3 TJ Znojmo MS YMCA
4 VKC Kolin
5 RG SK Prostejov

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