Kolin - Brno

Both finalists known for Czech Korfball ExtraLeague finals

Kolin-brno02 Last weekend, a third semifinal match decided who will play defending champions KCC Sokol Ceske Budejovice. The South Bohmian team had an easy go by beating Znojmo 2: 0 in the play-off. The other semi-final showed a 1-1 draw after two play-off matches, so a third match between nr. 1 KK Brno and nr. 4 VKC Kolin would be decisive for a place in the finals. KK Brno – VKC Kolin 19:11 (to match 2: 1) The Kolin Camels were not able to surprise the Brno team for the second time. The home team took an early lead 2: 0, VKC Kolin managed to react quickly and equalised within a couple of minutes to a 2: 2 score. But this was eventually the last moment during this match the score was balanced. Kolin defended last season’s silver medal but lost contact already after the first 20 minutes of the first half, when they were able to add only one score to the score sheet. The home team entered the second half with a promising lead 10: 3, easily increased to a 15: 3 lead, making the result of this match virtually decisive. In the final minutes of the match, Kolin could still adjust the score by number, but the victory was never in doubt for KK Brno. The top scorer of the match, which was in hands of the two referees Uherka Martin and Alexander Vyroubal were Kolin player Matej Kubicek and Brno female player Štěpánka Jonáková, both scoring 4. The Brno club from trainer Jakub Masha canstill think about a dream title, which is still missing in the rich club history. The Czech Korfball Final is scheduled on May 2, venue Brno. Scores KK Brno: Jonáková Š. 4, Fridrichová 3, Jonáková E. 3, Vávra 3, Šedý 3, Škrobová 2, Věžník 1 Scores VKC Kolin: Kubíček 4, Čejková 3, Martínek 2, Sládek 1, Čermáková 1   Lukáš Filip / Edwin Bouman

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