PKC win epic Korfbal League final with goal 4 seconds from the end

PKC triumphed in an epic Korfbal League final with a long shot in the final seconds to decide the outcome.

TOP had led the match deep into the second half, but appeared to sit back and failed to score for a number of minutes as PKC clawed their way back into the game to level it 19-19.

The match became increasingly tense and it appeared that PKC’s superior collecting was offset by their lower shot conversion ratio.

In the last minute, with just 41 seconds to go, PKC took the lead 21-20, and TOP immediately called a time out.  With the clock ticking down, Boode scored a clinical shot from behind the post to level it at 21-21.

At this point the action was fast and furious, but it was PKC who stepped up to convert another long shot with just 4 seconds remaining.  The crowd erupted.

Mady Tims was substituted to a round of applause and a bouquet of flowers in her last match, almost distracting from TOP’s slim chance to level the game.  When play finally resumed there was chance for one more shot, but it fell short, and PKC claimed an incredibly dramatic win 22-21.

Remarkable high quality korfball coverage from the IKF YouTube channel, with commentary from Sam Stevenson and Tom Brady.

PKC Celebrate
PKC Celebrate

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