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 England u16 world cup
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Heidi Terrington
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Posted - 19 Mar 2012 :  11:55:42  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Report a problem with this post
Final update from the England u16 world cup written by Lisa Swain (Team Manager)

Final Day -

Final Day – PART 1 – Update from the Under 16 Squad
Despite the early start everyone woke in good spirits and was looking forward to the day. After packing up the coach with all our belongings from the hotel- who looked after us very well ...and would definitely recommend them for next year we headed for the hall.
In the team meeting Danny and Heidi explain to all the squad that today was about winning and claiming the 5th spot that they thought we could achieve. For some of the squad this could mean they may not get any game time, but the support they give to the playing team from the bench would be vital to help us win.
The starting line-up against the Russians was Blake, Sam Amy, Rachael, Tom Lake, Tom Holder, Lucy and Riannah. The game started as planned; defensively we were fantastic and Russia struggled to put up a shot and in attack, just like yesterday we created shooting opportunities and thankfully we took a 2-0 lead thanks to goals from Tom Lake and Blake. Russia pulled one back from a great distance shot. Unfortunately Riannah then had to leave the pitch due to a niggling pain in her ankle and she was replaced by Ellie. Russia was then awarded a penalty and levelled the game 2-2. The game was not level for long and another well worked shot from Tom Lake gave us the lead. Unfortunately the lead did not last long as a lapse in concentration lead to Russia equalising from cheeky running in shot just before half time. Half Time Score 3-3.
The second half England came out determined not to lose this game and soon took another 2 goal lead with goals from Amy and Rachael. Again Russia scored from another distance shot taking the game to 5-4. England then truly started to believe they could win this game and another goal for Blake and one from Lucy England had a 3 goal lead 7-4. Another goal from Russia in the dying seconds was not enough to take this game away from us and at last England was victorious winning the game 7-5. Everyone was on a high and the 5th – 6th play-off’s was within our sights!

PART 2 - update from the England SquadThe draw against Hungary meant we needed the Czech to beat Russia to claim a spot in the 5th-6th playoff. The players watched the game with their hearts in their mouths with some still in te...ars; everyone was just totally gutted that we were in this position. Unfortunately for England the Czech’s failed to perform and did not put up a massive fight, as even if they lost to Russia they would still go through on points and a win for Russia would put them through ahead of England. Although you should not have to rely on other teams to get you into play off games, this England squad (management and players) deserved some luck. But the Czech’s lost against Russia and England had missed the opportunity. The realisation that we could not claim 5th spot hit home for some of the players, but the bond within the team is strong and we needed to raise our spirits so we all had lunch together as a team in our changing room talking about the morning games. Danny and Heidi told the players that what happened has gone and now the focus must be on winning this final game and we have to believe we can beat them.
The starting line-up for the final game was Lucy, Rachael, Josh, Tom Holder, Amy, Caitlin, Blake and Tom Kim
The team started with confidence with both divisions working hard and communicating well. England again took an early lead with a nice shot from Rachael. Hungary could not create anything as we were stopping the assist but equalised with a lucky distance shot. Tom Holder then converted a well-earned penalty but still Hungary came back with another distance shot; 2-2 Blake gave England the lead again but half time saw the game level at 3-3. Not deterred from the score England started again with the belief that this game was going to be ours and we were not going to finish last, which would not give England the credit they deserved for their performances in this tournament. Another shot from Tom Holder and England were in the lead, Blake then converted another penalty and a nicely timed running in shot taking the score to 5-3 in England’s favour. A lapse in concentration saw Hungary pull one back, but England’s answer was another goal from Tom Holder. The last seconds saw England keep possession and a screamer of a goal from Rachael right on the buzzer sealed another victory for England 7-4.
Overall no one who was at this tournament could say that England did not try their best and for a squad who only had 4 players out of the 16 who have played in a tournament of this level, they did their country proud. Bayley, who only joined the squad in November from Cambridge, performed very well in defence and took her shooting opportunities. Ellie and Caitlin both overcame their nerves and put in performances that the coaches had not seen before, they both scored debut goals in this competition. Riannah when fully fit caused problems for her opponents and also scored her debut goal. Amy when she put her frustration into the game was strong in defence and provided Blake with some fantastic passes for him to take his shots, Amy scored 3. Lucy was just Lucy, never giving up despite taking a battering from some of the players, being very vocal on the pitch and also scored 3. James, Josh and Paige found it difficult to control their nerves which did affect their play but they still worked hard when they were focused and James scored 2 goals on his debut. Blake as usual was an asset in intercepting the ball with his long arms both under the post and in open play but unfortunately for England did not put the ball in the basket like he normally does although he did score 11. Tom Kim used his speed to his advantage; creating loads of space for the attack to open up and scored 2 on his debut in the World Cup. Sam used his experience to help create shooting opportunities for the team and scored a great penalty. Liam when he played took the opportunity to show what he is capable of and was a valuable player on the pitch. A Special mention must go to Tom Holder who took on the captaincy of the squad with pride and done an excellent job for the team. Although his shooting was also not on target and he only scored 3 goals, he paired up superbly with Tom Lake and defensively teams found it difficult to break them down. Man of the tournament goes to Tom Lake whose overall performances were excellent in his debut World Cup. Attacking he used his speed and technically ability to out play his opponent and in defence he was so strong in the rebound and always focused and worked fantastically with Tom Holder other teams struggled to finished shots against him, Tom scored 4. Girl of the tournament went to Rachael Vick who stepped up her level of game again in her debut world cup; she stayed determined to keep her playing levels high despite coming across some strong opposition, her total goal score was 6 including the well timed last goal of the competition for England.
A special thank you must go to Heidi (assistant coach) who originally was only going to help out part time, but has attended every training session and trips to help prepare the players despite playing in the National League herself and to Danny who took this role on top of being the full time academy coach, as no one else stepped forward and he did not feel as though this bunch of determined young individuals did not deserve to have the right to compete in this competition taken away from them because a coach could not be found by the EKA .
The coaching and management staff would also like to thank all the parents and families who travelled out to support the team, and helped keep the spirits high.
If you make a silly mistake; you will be punished, if you don’t finish your shots; you will be punished, if you don’t protect the ball; you will be punished, if you don’t stay focused; you will be punished, if you let your head drop; you will be punished. All these points every player at this tournament has learnt; which is something they can take with them and will make them all a better player for their club, county and country in the future.

Well Done England
England - Czech HT 3-3 FT 4-9 Goal Scorers: Amy, Blake, Rachael, Lucy
England – Chinese Taipei HT 3-10 FT 4-14 Goal Scorers: Rachael (2) James (2)
England – Belgium HT 3-10 FT 7-16 Goal Scorers: Blake (2), Amy, Tom Lake,
Sam, Caitlin, Riannah

England – District South HT 3-2 FT 3-6 Goal Scorers: Tom Lake, Tom Kim, Ellie

England – Russia HT 3-3 FT 7-5 Goal Scorers: Blake (2), Amy, Tom Lake (2),
Rachael, Lucy

England - Hungary HT 5-2 FT 6-6 Goal Scorers: Blake (3), Tom Kim, Tom
Holder, Lucy

England - Hungary HT 3-3 FT 7-4 Goal Scorers: Blake (3), Rachael (2), Tom
Holder (2)

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Posted - 19 Mar 2012 :  18:15:30  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Report a problem with this post
Having just returned from Eindhoven as a parent of an England squad player I would like to thank Danny, Lisa and Heidi for all of their hard work and support of the squad.
It was disapointing to end up 7th but the commitment of the players could not be knocked.
I wish the comments could at least take into account the age of some of the squad and that it is the first time this squad has played together at such an important tournament.I am sure they will take back this experience and use it to improve them as players.

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New Player

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Posted - 19 Mar 2012 :  20:56:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Report a problem with this post
I don't normally post but feel I need to on this subject.
This was our first World Cup. Firstly I need to say well done (really well done) to all the players, management and coaching staff, you were an absolute credit to England. I for one cannot single any ONE player out! Some players are more advanced then others at the moment, but I saw many potential world class players out there. Every player gave their all on the pitch. If you give your best, that's all you can do! OK, If more of our shots would have dropped, the story would have been different and people would be more positive. It's easy to look at the facts and comment on them. The real facts are, 'at times' in the Belgium and Chinese Taipei matches for example we matched them at this great game. Yes our in-experience showed but is this a bad thing? No! because we are where we are, these players are our U16's and yes we WILL improve the more matches we play.(We need more match time against quality opposition)On the Sunday we never really looked in trouble and our game play improved dramatically!
(I need to add we were sold short in the pools because surprise surprise certain countries were moved)
So, was it nerves...could have been. Was it in-experience....i think so. Will we improve.....OH YES for sure we will because the attitude of this squad is fantastic, to see experienced players that already play National League, on the bench cheering encouraging first timers was great! Players that got only 1 game all week-end never stopped working for the team, running over with drinks bottles when needed, giving 'high fives' and supporting was just brilliant.
Can you criticise the U16 coaching and management....NO WAY! They got these kids ready for every match correctly, as I've said earlier, we never had the 'rub' in some matches.
So to close, some people will say we didn't do very well, I say this has just made this YOUNG squad of players stronger. I for one look forward to the next international instalment. WELL DONE DANNY, HEIDI and LISA.Go to Top of Page
Steve Barker

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Posted - 20 Mar 2012 :  02:33:03  Show Profile  Visit Steve Barker's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Report a problem with this post
There seems no doubt that the England English side gave their all and I am confident that Danny and his team did a tremendous job. All will have gained greatly from the experience.

The important thing to understand is that whilst it is true the experience will have benefited the players that is also true of all the players there and if we want to retain our position in the current world junior rankings and stay in touch with the top three nations there will be much to be done as ever.

Our performances over recent years were the result of a lot of hard work at club junior level by a number of people and progressive talent development programmes within the national squad and the Korfball School of Excellence program.

If we want to be truly competing rather than matching the likes of the Netherlands, Belgium and Chinese Taipei at some point in the future we will need to ensure we continue such programmes to develop our core technical, athletic and mental skills to the highest possible level to give us a chance of truly competing with the top 3 in the years ahead.

The Barney makes about needing more match time against top level competition is a very important one and we need to ensure that international tournaments do not represent too big a step up for our young players by raising the bar at home.

Congratulations to Danny in his first national squad coaching role and to the players for the spirited performances they clearly produced. I am sure they will all be greatly motivated to ensure we come back much stronger next year.

I hope they do

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Posted - 21 Mar 2012 :  00:08:57  Show Profile  Visit Marc's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Report a problem with this post
@Barney, I think the Czechs were mostly short-sold by being moved to the pool with Belgium and Taiwan. They might have beaten the Germans. England on the other hand would not have beaten Germany on the first day.

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Graham Crafter
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Posted - 21 Mar 2012 :  14:31:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Report a problem with this post
I am getting more and more angry with reading about the pools and England being sold short. The matter was raised in another thread (IKF U23 WKC) and I will repeat the relevant part of that post here.

The current u16 ranking is NED, TPE, ENG, RUS, GER, BEL, RSA, CZE, CAT, POL, HUN, BLR, SVK, ARM, AUS, POR

Which gives pools

since RSA, CAT, POL, SVK, ARM, AUS and POR aren't playing.

i.e. exactly what the organisers have announced. BEL is ranked 6th due to not taking part a couple of years ago. Once that drops out of the three year cycle used for u16 rankings then maybe things will be different but as it stands the pools match the ranking exactly.

Actually neither BLR or PAK took part but the other 8 teams were in pools STRICTLY6 ACCORDING TO UNDER 16 RANKING (everall World Ranking does not come into it).

Of course people may think that Belgium should not be 6th. However, they did not participate one year so got 0 points and this will affect overall ranking. Other teams have missed years in the past and this affected their position at the time.

However,it was pressure from England a few years ago that brought the ranking in and the request for hosts to use it. It is no use now calling 'foul' because it no longer suits us.

Before one repeats all of this again next year, the new ranking which will be used then will be put into this post when I get home and can access the file. However, I think that England is now 4th and Belgium is still 6th (so we miss TPE and BEL) but I'll confirm this later.

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Posted - 21 Mar 2012 :  19:47:04  Show Profile  Visit Marc's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Report a problem with this post
I think that, as long as England keeps using the 3-year cycle system, they will have years like this. Also, Russia will start to drop in the ranking, now that their results are dropping and probably will remain around this level the next year.

What surprises me is the low ranking of the Czechs. Yes, they have had fairly low results the last years, but according to the history table, they only skipped 2010. Also, they ranked better than South Africa in the recent tournaments, and South Africa also missed more tournaments.

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Steve Barker

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Posted - 21 Mar 2012 :  21:58:03  Show Profile  Visit Steve Barker's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Report a problem with this post
We should certainly be pleased that the drawing of pools in the Youth Talent world Cup is done in accordance with the IKF world rankings and not just decided by the Dutch hosts, but I'm not sure why the anger Graham.

No one in this post appears to be suggesting that England were sold short and Marc's comment refers to the Cezch Republic (and he should get a little leeway for English being his second language)

Likewise Karen I cannot see anywhere in the post where the commitment of the players is being 'knocked' and the defensive tone in some of the comments isn't needed

The closest I guess might be my comment

It will be interest to read any feedback from anyone who is there and my concern is that we may have taken our eye off the ball slightly in terms of talent development and forgotten just what it took to get us into our position in the U16 and U19 world rankings.

That is in no way knocking the players who are probably not even aware of the work that enabled us to achieve great respect at international junior level, but it is something we should be discussing and reflecting on if we want to return to such a position in the years ahead.

The forums represents a tremendous valuable resource for British Korfball but most people choose to read rather then comment and I think that we need to be encouraging people to weigh in and comment, as Barney has done on this post, and be careful not to discourage people expressing ideas and opinions for fear of them upsetting someone or being mis interpreted.

It is those ideas and opinions that the game needs to move forward.

I am sure Danny and others will be keen to ensure that they can now build on the work that has been done in recent years and get us back into the top 3 in the rankings at this age group and even higher.

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Posted - 21 Mar 2012 :  22:31:42  Show Profile  Reply with Quote  Report a problem with this post
No one in this post appears to be suggesting that England were sold short

(I need to add we were sold short in the pools because surprise surprise certain countries were moved)


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Posted - 22 Mar 2012 :  00:45:34  Show Profile  Visit Marc's Homepage  Reply with Quote  Report a problem with this post
I am certainly not criticising the placing of England, indeed. I do wonder why the Czechs were moved from the Dutch pool to the English pool. I do notice that others are complaining about the English placing, and I have already commented on that before.

Looking at the level of some opponents, I think (and I am repeating myself here) that the cycle of England is just starting, where it looks like the Czechs are one year ahead, as far as they are using a cycle also. They appear to have some more experienced players than last year. I feel other countries are not using a similar system of cycles at the moment. The Germans seem to select a group with mixed age, I know the Russians have a fairly old group (even 2 that are a few weeks too old) and one very young player, the Hungarians seem to have another young group and both Belgium and Holland have a squad with the strongest zones, regardless of age. I think that, after using the cycle successfully for some time, it may be time to evaluate it and see if you are able to have a group that is more mixed in age, where you will have more consistent results every year. That seems more fair than discussing the groups, certainly as England is the cause of using this U16 ranking in the first place, if I read Graham's post correctly.

What interests me is the evaluation of the players and the possible selection for next year. From my opinion, on the girls side a more talented girl has played less than a girl that in the long run may not make the top. So I look forward to the list of next year and the performance of those players next year.

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